Uber Lagos & Wecyclers Will Help You Recycle Those Unwanted Waste on Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual event held to demonstrate support for environmental protection, and you will agree with me that it’s not ‘earthly’ or ‘environmentally-friendly’ to dump an old phone just anywhere.

It is for this reason that Uber Lagos and Wecyclers, a Lagos-based recycling startup, have teamed up to help you safely get rid of and recycle those unwanted wastes – and keep them out of landfills.

How it works

  • Open or download the Uber app from the App or Play store.
  • Slide to the ‘UberRECYCLE’ option from 8am till 1pm on Thursday, April 21st.
  • If an ‘UberRECYCLE’ is available, a partner-driver will head your way to pick up your items.
  • All pickups are FREE of charge.

Items such as Paper, Plastics, Metals and Glass will be accepted for recycling. However, Electronics, Light bulbs, dirty tissue paper or paper products, diapers, yard waste, clothes hangers, batteries or milk/juice cartons will not be accepted.

Don’t forget the date. It’s April 21, 2016. Get all those wastes ready for recycling!

To get get a first ride free up to NGN2500, enter the promo code: RECYCLELAGOS. Yeah…Uber Lagos is nice like that!

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