Telegram co-founder, Pavel to give away US$1 million to Bot developers

For inexplicable reasons, bots seem to be on everyone’s lips. Facebook, during the F8, made mention of it. Every other person is talking about it. Bots are the next big thing…I suppose!

Pavel Durov, the co-founder of Telegram, has caught the bot bug too! He has announced he will be giving away US$1 million to bot developers in the form of grants starting at US$25,000 each.

Developers looking to receive these grants simply need to create an impressive bot using Telegram’s Bot API.

That’s not all. The bot must be fast, just like the rest of Telegram’s interfaces, must be useful for at least a few people, should work in inline mode, and must be fast (there’s a reason for emphasis on fast).

Also, the bots must focus on integrations, tools for bot builders, AI stuff, and natural language processing, although developers may create a bot that does something altogether different.

“We don’t mind if you port your bot from a different platform – just make sure it really feels at home in Telegram. We have many nifty interface options that aren’t available elsewhere and make using Telegram bots a breeze,” Pavel stated in a post.

If you’re a developer and you feel up to it, go ahead and check out BotSupport. Include your bot’s username and the tag #BotPrize – this way Pavel and the team would be able to find your bot.

The final deadline for submission of bots is December 31. The US$25,000 grants would be handed out in several batches throughout 2016.

And lastly. Get the necessary docs, check out the bot intro (if you’re new to this), and make a bot for the world. Be sure to surprise Pavel!



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