Kenya’s Kuhustle partners Nairobits to provide young Nairobians access to online jobs

Kuhustle, an online community and marketplace of top freelancers, has announced the signing of a partnership with Nairobits Trust, a Nairobi-based not-for profit organization, to enhance the cooperation within the online work sector in Kenya.

The partnership, which will last a year, will help increase the skills, awareness and reach of access to online work for young people in Nairobi.

During the period of the partnership, Kuhustle will provide a platform where these youth can use their skills to get jobs, while Nairobits will likely increase reach of its training.

CEO of Kuhustle, Billy Odero said, “There is a clear opportunity for young people to find employment in the space for online work. Kuhustle is growing with an offering of 70 jobs per month. By entering into this partnership, we are providing this platform as an access point for marginalized youth with relevant skills,”

He added, “Nairobits Trust have had a social impact mission from its inception, we want to acknowledge the great work that they have done, by offering their students access to opportunities that will change their lives.”

During the partnership, the following would be achieved:

  • Jointly providing Nairobits students and alumni technical skills and a platform for the students to get paid for online work.
  • Jointly create a customized soft skills curriculum to train the students at Nairobits on the necessary skills required to undertake work.
  • Showcase the Nairobits students profile on the Kuhustle platform to enable them to build up their portfolio.
  • Giving unemployed youth access to a space to find online work.

“We are very pleased to be a part of this agreement. Nairobits’ mission is to empower marginalized youth between the ages 15 and 24 living in the urban non formal settlements. We consistently provide them with ICT training with the aim of giving them chances in the formal and non-formal employment,” said Rukia Sebit, Program Manager at Nairobits Trust.

She added, “Online work or freelancing is a growing market place for youth to get that chance at making a living. This is definitely a great step forward for our growth.”

Today, half of Kenya’s population is the youth. Moreover, Kenya has an estimated unemployment rate of 40%. There is a growing need to diversify income generation opportunities.

Online work, or freelancing is one such opportunity, as such this partnership between Kuhustle and Nairobits is a right step in this regard.

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