Group Calling Now Possible on Messenger

For catching up with colleagues or family, making collaborative plans, and hearing your loved ones’ voices, Messenger already offers voice calling from one person to another.

There are times, however, when there’s the need for group calling – when you need to talk to many people at the same time.

Messenger has now added that feature. With group calling, you can now talk to more than one person at a time, in a group call.

When you receive a group call, the experience is similar to receiving a call from one person, except that the screen will show the group name (if there is one) and the list of members.

You can choose to accept the incoming group call, ignore it or decline it.

If you are a member of a group with a call in progress, you can join the group call by opening the group conversation and tapping on the audio call button.

While in a group call, you can see whether group members are in the call or not, and you can call anyone who’s not there yet.

Tapping the red ‘end call’ button on the screen enables you to leave the group call. The other participants will hear an exit tone. And when the second to last person leaves a group call, the call ends.

To get started, open one of your Messenger group conversations and tap the audio call button.

Tapping the button lets you choose the list of people from the group to call. All the group members you choose are called simultaneously.

Give Group Calls on Messenger a try today!

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