Which Instant Messaging app will win the war for supremacy?

We are in the instant messaging (IM) phase in the world today where IM apps have become the standard chatting platforms.

At first, not many people were into instant messaging because the only available app was the BlackBerry Messenger which was the exclusive preserve of BlackBerry owners.

However, messaging apps like Facebook, BBM, Palmchat, WhatsApp, Instagram et al have come in to fill in the gap and have become very addictive and indispensable.

Although these messaging apps have a lot of similarities, they also have their own unique features which make them different from the others.

In this article, we’ll put these instant messaging apps side by side and compare them. I know a lot of people have, at one time or the other, asked this question: Which IM app is the best?

We’ll examine six popular IM apps based on their features and look at which one stands taller than the others.

Let’s start!

Chat Feature

But of course every IMs have this feature as we would not have course to select them if they hadn’t. So, let me not waste your time. Moving on…

Broadcast Feature

Now, this feature is a life saver. Yea…literally! If you don’t believe, I have a question for you: how did you know about that job opportunity if not through that BC that was sent?


From the chart, it seems not every of these platforms wants us to be great. Well, it’s your call.

Photo Edit Feature

This feature has proven to be more important than some people’s relationships with bae. Most especially for the ladies who have to ensure that they always look dapper and slay…at all times!


Looking at the table above, it seems BBM and BADOO have falling out of this race and might likely be visited by angry ladies.

“Shake Shake” Feature (Easy way to make new friends)


As we already know, these IMs make it easy for us to communicate with our clients, friends, lovers, customers and business partners both in the country and abroad but it’s really cool when it’s easier to make new friends and as seen above, Palmchat is the only app that comes with that feature.

In conclusion, trying to get the ultimate do-it-all chat app is indeed a hard task with every instant messenger app clamouring for the top spot but the competition was for an app to stand out from the rest.

General IM Features


WhatsApp, BBM and other IM apps may have been the standard but with this table analogy, Palmchat has succeeded in raising the bar.

So, guys who is it going to be for you? BBM, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Palmchat or Badoo?

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