‘Team Ivory’ Wins NASA Space Apps Challenge At nHub

‘Team Ivory’ has won the NASA Space Apps Challenge, an international hackathon that occurs over 48 hours in cities around the world, which took place at the biggest and first technology hub in Northern Nigeria, nHub on April from April 22 – 24, 2016.

The Challenge brings together participants to work together to address current challenges relevant to both space exploration and social need.

The event attracted loads of participants – technology enthusiasts such as networkers, programmers, designers, database experts amongst others – who worked in teams to solve some of the challenges the world faces today and display their problem solving skills.

A total of ten teams: Team Krystal; Team Ivory; Team Phoenix; Team Frost; Team Python; Team Community; Team Mastermind; Team Curiosity; Team Physics, and Team Hack the Rigger, created solutions in line with the themes¹ of the Challenge.

The three day event culminated in a pitch session. Each team presented their solutions in front of a panel of judges which included Mr. Suleyman Mutuwa, Mr. Adams Titus M, Dr. Nentawe Gurumdimma and Mr. Emmanuel Dung – all key members of the tech community in Plateau State.

Following a Q&A session and deliberations, the judges adjudged Team IVORY the winner of the competition.

Team IVORY amassed 89 points for their notable work in the Aircheck Challenge under the Earth theme. The team created an Asteroid Detector using Artificial Intelligence to detect potentially dangerous objects that might be headed to Earth.

In second place was Team PHOENIX with 85 points. The team, working in the Clear for Takeoff Challenge under the Aeronautics theme, created an android app that tackles the problem of predicting delays at airports caused by bad weather.

For the Peoples’ Choice Category, Team CURIOSITY emerged winner with a total of 84 points for their work on eMobile Pastoralism.

Team PYTHON came a close second with 83 points for their work on Geotagging Space and Aviation with the aim of putting notable contributors in the areas of Space and Aviation on the map.

All the teams gained automatic membership to nHub training and incubation process to enable them complete their projects. They also received certificates of participation.

The global award of the competition includes an opportunity to attend a NASA launch.

The event took place at nHub’s HQ in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria and was sponsored by Smartweb, Bluewhales and Vicampro.

nHub is the first technology center in Northern Nigeria which seeks to empower entrepreneurs on their journey to build great ideas out of little or nothing.

At nHub, startups at every stage of maturity are provided the tools, resources, knowledge and expertise they need to succeed. Startups are helped to scale their businesses, bring innovative services to the market and reach new customers through our connections.

¹ The themes for the Challenge includes Earth (Geotagging Space and Aviation; eMobile Pastoralism; Aircheck and Earth Live), Solar Systems and Beyond (Book it to the Moon), Space Station (Rock-IT Space Fashion and Design), Aeronautics (Clear for Take-Off); and Technology (Origami Space Recycled).

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