Twitter Updates Its Abuse Reporting Process

Gradually, social media (and the Internet generally) has become a place where some people are targeted by some other set of people for whatever reason.

Microblogging platform, Twitter isn’t an exception. However, they take abuses and whatnot seriously and that’s why a means of reporting such incidences was created in the first place.

The process of reporting such incidences wasn’t the best, however. That’s why an improvement has been made.

Now, victims of abuse have the ability to attach multiple Tweets to a single report in a reporting process.

This update makes it easier for them to provide more information about the extent of abuse and reduce the time it takes to do so. That added context will make investigations easier and issues resolved faster.

This update will be rolled out on iOS, Android, and on Users across the world will get access to the feature in the coming weeks.

Twitter plans more improvements that will give users even more control over their experience. These improvements will be shared soon.

If you need more information on Twitter’s current tools, policies, and processes, check the safety center.

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