YouTube App Gets New Redesigned Home & Better Recommendation System

If you use the YouTube app to watch hilarious sketch comedy, your favourite vlogger, new plays, or music videos, you should by now have noticed some changes to the homepage of the app.

Right on the homepage of your YouTube app, you should now be able to see new videos you love every time.

The redesigned Home comes with a clean and simple format that invites you to discover and enjoy whenever you open your YouTube app on your Android or iOS device.


Coupled with the fresh design is a more relevant personalized recommendation system that makes it easier to discover videos you’ll be excited to watch.

YouTube already uses a system to recommend hundreds of millions of different videos on Home, billions of times, in 76 languages to users every day.

However, the system has been improved. Now, the system suggests more recent videos and those from the creators you love.

The new recommendation system is based on deep neural network technology, which means it can find patterns automatically and keep learning and improving as it goes.

People who have tried the new system have spent more time watching fresh videos and content from their subscriptions.

If you don’t have the YouTube app on your device already, you should download it right away to enjoy the redesigned Home and the improved recommendation system

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