Native ad blocker finally available in Opera Mini for Android

The integrated native ad blocker, which was launched into Opera’s developer version of Opera for computers last month, is now available in the Opera Mini mobile browser for Android (and in the stable version of the desktop browser) which is used by almost 120 million users.

With the launch, Opera becomes the first major browser to integrate an ad blocker.

This feature was launched in the first place to help users deal with the issue of online ads which are not only very annoying but can also hike up users’ data charges and affect network experience.

As if that isn’t enough, online ads also take up valuable screen space and slow users down when they want to look up information quickly on their smartphones.

Opera’s native ad blocker puts a stop to all that bullshit by rapidly increasing web page loading time and massively saving mobile data (this is in addition to Opera Mini’s compression technology), thereby extending users’ data caps even further.


In fact, with the use of the ad blocker, Opera Mini users can achieve up to 14% in data savings. That means users’ data packages can last even longer for more news, more social media and more of the web.

“Our ad blocker speeds up Opera Mini by stopping ad requests that slow down your browser, making it 40% faster compared to the previous, already fast Opera Mini version,” said Nuno Sitima, SVP Mobile Browsers, Opera.

He added, “This is a frequently-requested feature from users who want faster browsing that’s less data hungry and less distracting. Opera Mini is the best choice for a fast browser on any Android phone.”

To start blocking ads and saving more on data, users should tap the data-savings summary under the “O” menu in Opera Mini.

From there, they can simply toggle “block ads” on and off. On Android, the ad blocker is available in both high- and extreme-savings modes.

Aside the ad blocker, Opera Mini for Android also comes with added speed and performance improvements.

Now users can add websites to their device’s home screen, so that their favourite sites are always just a click away. Also, the Discover newsfeed has been redesigned, bringing users top articles across the web.

Start blocking unnecessary online ads and save more data by downloading the Opera Mini for Android today!

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