SurfEasy launches free, easy-to-use & fully encrypted VPN app for iOS

SurfEasy, an Opera Software-owned maker of VPN apps, has announced the launch of a free, easy-to-use and fully encrypted VPN app for iOS.

Known as Opera VPN, the app allow users enjoy more of their apps and of the Internet.

Opera VPN is bundled with many features of SurfEasy’s VPN app such as data encryption, online freedom, five server region to choose from, online anonymity et al.

Regarding the five server regions, users can change their virtual location by using an IP address from the U.S, Canada, Germany, Singapore and the Netherlands.

opera-vpn-ios-phones (1)

Also, the app is devoid of ad-tracking cookies that follow users around the web like a leech.

Opera VPN is available as a free download from the Apple App Store.

Users that are wary of free things – they say free things aren’t actually free – can opt for SurfEasy VPN, a premium no-log subscription service.

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