WhatsApp now has a Windows and Mac app

For a while now, there have been reports that WhatsApp Inc was working on a desktop client for its hugely popular messaging app, WhatsApp.

The reports were indeed true as WhatsApp Inc yesterday announced the launch of WhatsApp for desktop.

The desktop app is no different from its mobile counterparts, except that it provides a new way for users to stay in touch.

Just like WhatsApp Web – which I honestly think should be retired now – WhatsApp for desktop is simply an extension of a user’s phone – the app mirrors conversations and messages from their phone.


The desktop app is synced with the mobile phone of users. It has features to make conversations and messages easily accessible: native desktop notifications, keyboard shortcuts, et al.

The desktop app is available for Windows 8 and above, and Mac OS 10.9 and above. To download it, visit https://www.whatsapp.com/download from your desktop browser.

After that, open the app and scan the QR code using the WhatsApp app on your phone (look for WhatsApp Web menu under Settings).

WhatsApp is coming to the desktop party a little late. WeChat, Viber and I think Telegram all have desktop apps already.

However, I’m just wondering how these PC apps are faring. I mean I have both WeChat and Viber on my Windows lappy but I don’t remember ever using ’em both. OK…maybe once or twice but that’s it!

Compare that with how often I use WhatsApp on my phone. I literally cannot live without it!

The world is really mobile right now, both in terms of movement and phones, and I think WhatsApp Inc should be focused on making the messaging app more better for smartphones.

Well, Brian Acton and Jan Koum are really intelligent men and I know they’ve got big plans for WhatsApp.

So, I’ll just stop complaining right now and download WhatsApp for Windows, and wait for their big plans to unfold.

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