Truppr announces winners of its Design Challenge

Some weeks back, social fitness app, Truppr announced the launch of a design challenge, calling on designers to redesign its website,, and stand a chance to win US$1,000.

Designers in the country heeded the call to apply. About fifteen people/teams submitted entries to take part in the design challenge.

After days of reviewing the entires and deliberation, Truppr announced the winners of the challenge yesterday.

The winners are Gabriel Eze and Imogie Mubarak. Gabriel’s entry won over the judges because of its uniqueness from all the other entries.


In the case of Imogie, his design was adjudged to be clean and aesthetically pleasing.


Both of the winners received the prize money of US$1000, Truppr Design Challenge tees, Truppr hoodies (limited edition), and of course bragging rights.

The other participants were not left hanging. They all got Truppr design challenge tees, priority access to design classes and priority access to CodeCamp 2016.

“At CcHUB, we are always on the lookout for design talent (e-mail your portfolio if you’d like to work with us ) and this challenge was an opportunity to learn about new design talent and we achieved this objective,” CcHUB said in a statement.

It added, “For Truppr (the principals of the challenge), they get access to design talent while getting a makeover of their their website! In other words, there’s more to the challenge than winning. Again, huge congratulations to Gabriel, Imogie and every single participant.”

The Truppr website is currently undergoing massive changes. Gabriel’s design truly won the heart of the judges. Truppr’s new Android & iOS apps were approved yesterday and users are already loving it!

Truppr enables sports lovers to organize and find fitness events and team mates for their favorite sports in cities around the world.

Aerobics, badminton, yoga, video games, cycling, walking, swimming, kickboxing, squash, volleyball, table tennis, and basketball are some of the games featured on its website.

Truppr was launched in 2014 by ‘Bosun Tijani, co-founder of Co-Creation Hub, a leading Lagos-based incubator and accelerator.

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