Orange Business Services extends sales operations to Nigeria

Orange Business Services, the B2B division of the Orange Group, has reaffirmed its commitment to support enterprises in Africa by announcing the extension of its sales operations in Nigeria.

The company has established a new sales office in addition to the existing customer support activities in the country.

Through the new office, senior IT decision makers with strategies to grasp the market opportunities being brought by digital transformation will be supported.

The potential for businesses to expand in Nigeria is demonstrated by the size and rate of growth already achieved by existing Orange clients, especially in the financial sector.

“The expanded Orange Business Services presence in Lagos helps support the many Nigeria-based businesses who want to increase their business performance and profitability,” said Giorgio Heiman, vice president, Africa at Orange Business Services.

He added, “We act as a trusted advisor to help our customers compete on an equal footing in what is rapidly becoming a global market. This includes competitive, high-quality IT services delivered in all countries in which they operate.”

Orange Business Services in Nigeria supports both Nigeria-based businesses, which are growing and transforming thanks to digital technologies, and multinational companies from elsewhere on the continent and beyond, which are looking to expand within Africa.

Aside Nigeria and West Africa, Orange Business Services is also present across North and South Africa, where its customers are supported by global customer service centres in Cairo and Mauritius – part of a network of five centres worldwide.

Orange has a strong commitment to the African continent, which has been at the heart of the Orange business strategy for the last few decades.

The Group has a long-term approach to its presence in the region and has invested heavily to support infrastructure development and innovations that have changed the social and business landscape.

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