Abuja residents can now pay their electricity bills with Paga

Residents of Nigeria’s capital that are fed up of queuing to get their electricity bills paid can now use Paga, Nigeria’s leading mobile payments company, to do so.

In four simple steps, they can, from the comfort of their homes or offices, conveniently recharge their AEDC prepaid meter. The steps are described below.

  • Visit http://www.mypaga.com. Click on bill pay or merchant then select AEDC prepaid.
  • Enter your AEDC prepaid payment details.
  • Enter your personal details.
  • Confirm transaction details and choose to pay with a Paga account or ATM card.

It’s that simple!

Paying via Paga can done on a PC, mobile browser or using the Paga Android app.

Residents also have the added luxury of paying their light bills at the nearest Paga agent or NIPOST offices within Abuja and the environs.

This would come in handy for those who are not so tech-savvy but can easily locate a Paga agent, who are really just everywhere, or a post office.

So Abuja residents, just Paga it and let there be light!

This service, which is not entirely new as residents in states such as Lagos are already using it, shows that Paga is committed to providing consumers with innovative and universal access to financial services in Nigeria.

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