Kumasi Hive raising funds via Kickstarter to support innovators

Kumasi Hive, a collaborative makerspace offering access to tools, technology & business support for innovators in Ghana, is currently raising funds via Kickstarter to support innovators across the country.

The Hive’s mission is to put modern maker technology into the hands of people who have first hand experience of development issues, so they can develop their own solutions, and then support them to create sustainable, commercially viable businesses out of their ideas.

Since it launched in January, the makerspace has invested in talented people with good ideas so they can make prototypes and use those to demonstrate their capabilities to investors.


“Dr Quad” – drone for vaccine delivery

Two startups in its incubator have already attracted early-stage investment and a third has received seed funding from an international competition.

Startups already in its incubator include: Dext ‘lab-in-a-box’ science sets; KLAKS 3D making 3D printers from electronic waste, and Faith Tech Ghana – low-cost locally manufactured drip irrigation system.

Projects currently being developed in the Hive include drones for agricultural support, an offline Internet provider for education resources in rural areas, and a smart bin.


RFID Door System developed by Kumasi Hive entrepreneurs

All these successes were recorded using the makerspace’s fairly rudimentary tools such as two 3D printers, which are brilliant and get very heavy use, and a few hand tools.

In no time, these tools, especially the 3D printers, will become unusable due to high usage and the hand tools aren’t enough. It is for this reasons, and more, that Kumasi Hive is raising funds.

The funds will be used to provide Ghanaian entrepreneurs prototyping technology and business mentoring so they can develop important new technologies and thriving businesses.

Specifically, the funds will be used to buy a laser cutter, ship lathe and some other machinery that has been donated, expand its collection of workshop equipment and hand tools, invest in the initial supplies of consumables and components, give seed funding to one innovative idea to be voted for by some of our backers!

“By opening a physical space, and making modern prototyping equipment available alongside business support, we can now bridge the gap between good engineering and being able to create successful products,” Kumasi Hive stated in a post on its Kickstarter page.

At the moment, 74 backers have pledged £6,093 out of the £10,000 needed with 13 days to go.

If you want to back this cause and be a part of the success story of the Hive and the innovators, you can of course do so RIGHT AWAY. Backers will enjoy several benefits.

Kumasi Hive was founded by Jorge Appiah, Anna Lowe and four other entrepreneurs. It is located next to Ghana’s foremost technical university, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

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