Uber Riders Will Now Pay A Fee If They Cancel Their Rides After 5 Minutes Of Request

Uber riders in Nigeria, this one’s for YOU!

From now henceforth, thou hath condemned to pay a fee if, after five minutes of requesting a ride, you decide to cancel the ride.

The fee will be added to your next ride. You will be made aware of this! If you eventually complete the next trip, you will receive two receipts for each of the payments which include:

  • Current trip.
  • Previous trip’s cancellation fee.


For those users who will default multiple times, the cancellation fee will accumulate as arrears. After some time, they won’t be able to Uber to their destinations unless they clear the arrears using their bank cards or Paga.

Once the arrears have been cleared, they can now request an Uber as if nothing ever happened.

Any Uber rider that wants to avoid the fine fee brouhaha should simply learn to cancel their rides within five minutes of request or ditch Uber altogether (it’s just an advice). Blue and Red BRTs are everywhere by the way…

Sincerely, I wrote this article with a bit of anger, not because I use Uber but because the cancellation fee thingy is not a fair deal. Yes it’s not and this is why.

Uber says it is introducing cancellation fee because it thinks it is only fair that its drivers are fairly compensated for the time committed to a trip.

Yes I can understand this but what if an Uber arrives late? I don’t use Uber so I wouldn’t know if they ever arrive late but what if they do? What happens to the riders? Any fair compensation?

Well, Uber didn’t say anything about that. So, I’m thinking their drivers don’t ever arrive late. Impressive!!!

Another thing that makes me unhappy is that Uber acknowledges that it might overcharge riders, although they didn’t say so directly.

If riders think they’ve been unfairly charged, they have the ‘luxury’ of complaining via email. Of course Uber will gladly look into it and refund riders where necessary, albeit in the form of Uber credits that can be used for future trips.

This is what I call fantastically unfair! I’m waiting to hear rider’s feedbacks.

As I said earlier, to avoid the cancellation fee, you should learn to cancel a ride within five minutes of request or ditch Uber altogether (I’m still advising) or use your cards to pay for rides. Yes, the cancellation fee are for cash trips.

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