Niveus Investments launches new fund to support innovative startups in Africa

Niveus Investments, a subsidiary of Hosken Consolidated Investments, has announced the launch of an investment fund to support innovative startups in Africa.

Known as Niveus Ventures, the funds will invest in emerging technologies and disruptive ideas that will change the way people live, transact and communicate.

The fund will help entrepreneurs with a proven track record of turning ideas into successful businesses to unlock their full potential.

These entrepreneurs will be provided with funds that fills the gap between angel funding (less than R1million) and capital from listed firms or private equity groups (R100-R200 million).

“While top entrepreneurs have specific industry knowledge, they haven’t necessarily started and run a business. Niveus brings them this knowledge and experience, together with technology expertise,” Niveus stated on its website.

Aside the funds, Niveus Ventures will also provide the entrepreneurs with strategic support to help them build strong management teams and fast track business opportunities.

“The downfall of many good ideas is bad execution – we have systems and structures in place to support the early stage business in the rapid growth phase to reduce risk of failure and to free the entrepreneurs to focus on the things that will truly differentiate the business from its competition,” Niveus Ventures added.

Andre Van der veen and Jesse Hemson-Struthers are the directors of Niveus Ventures. Both of them combine entrepreneurial expertise with operational value providing entrepreneurs and their businesses with strategic, hands-on support, from inception to maturity.

“Our team has an established track record of building successful businesses and delivering shareholder value,” said Hemson-Struthers.

He added, “Using our operational expertise we want to build strong enduring businesses that will help power Africa’s growth.”

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