Ugandan entrepreneur, Chris Menya launches online payments platform

Chris Menya, a Ugandan entrepreneur who co-founded Mobicash America in 2012, has launched a new online peer-to-peer payments, remittance and messaging platform.

Known as Kwiksy, the service helps customers make quick and easy payments both locally and internationally via the app, and lets users interact in the process.

International monetary transfers can be incredibly expensive and often take a significant chunk out of funds that are destined to go to poorer global communities.

Kwiksy offers cheaper alternative to international money transfers. It accommodates eight different currencies in 30 countries by integrating with alternative financial service providers that are local to these regions.

The app, available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, allows payments to be sent and received instantly, with no bank details required.

“Kwiksy helps solve problems with peer-to-peer payments and allows users to interact with people in the process,” said Chris.

He added, “Users can enjoy using the app to send and receive money, talk to family and friends and perform other tasks all from one centralized app.”

Chris Menya is the President and CEO of Kwiksy. He was formerly the CTO of IFAN Financial and the President of Mobicash America Inc.

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