CcHUB’s co-working space will be free for everyone beginning June 13

Bosun Tijani, co-founder and CEO of Co-creation Hub (CcHUB), Lagos-based incubator and accelerator, has announced that the hub’s co-working space will become free to access beginning June 13.

This announcement comes as a result of the restructuring of its membership structure. Before now, membership at the hub was in four tiers – Red, Orange, Green and Blue.

Red members could access the hub for free…virtually or through participation in events. With this restructuring, everyone can now have access to the hub with only a few paid/fixed desks.

Details of how you can secure the exclusive free access will be announced next week with the new structure taking effect from June 13, 2016.

Without mincing words, CcHUB is Nigeria’s finest incubator and accelerator. The hub has brought together stakeholders from different walks of life to work collaboratively on solutions to social challenges facing Nigerian society.

The stories of some of the most-talked about and really impactful tech startups in the country – BudgIT, Wecyclers, Traclist, Truppr, Asa, Stutern et al – can only be truly complete when CcHUB is mentioned.

Through its various programmes such as hackathons, challenges, meetups, reports et al, the hub has strengthened the Nigerian tech ecosystem.

The kids are also not left out. Through Summer of Code and Geek Club, the hub is preparing the makers and developers of the future. Its EdTech programme is shaping how kids learn in schools.

Its greatest achievement yet is having a really BIG hand in what is today termed Yabacon Valley. This part of Lagos – Yaba – is now home to over 30 technology companies including Andela, Paga and

“Over 5 years ago, we launched the CcHUB with huge aspiration to create a unique space for creatives, technologists and other exciting people to build the future we all seek for Nigeria. We have collectively demonstrated what progressive Nigerians can do with the right support – CcHUB today is one of the highly referenced tech hubs across the world,” Bosun said.

By making access to its co-working space free, CcHUB, which recently become a member of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL), is further supporting creatives across the country to build more solutions to tackle problems in our society.

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