YorubaName.com Has Put Its Codebase on GitHub

YorubaName.com, an online intervention to preserve and document all Yorùbá names in a multimedia format, has put its backlog and codebase on GitHub, a web-based Git repository hosting service.

The codebase powers both the YorubaName.com website and YorubaName dashboard application, all of which is now accessible by the general public.

Specifically, the general public can now access 3 repositories: the General information, which contains basic general information needed to get started contributing to the project; the Yorubaname dashboard, which contains the codebase for the dashboard application, and the Yorubaname website, which contains the codebase for the core dictionary and the website.

By placing this information on GitHub, anyone interested in contributing to the building of YorubaName.com, which is poised to become the largest dictionary of Yorùbá names, can do so easily.

Software developers out there who are passionate about this project can join in on the action immediately. Check out the codebase HERE!

The next iteration of the platform might see the inclusion of new features such as ‘name finder’ to assist expecting parents in finding the perfect Yorùbá name for their children, text-to-speech, and a Wiki-like look and feel.

Also, offline capabilities might be added (especially for the dashboard application) to improve the search experience, mobile optimisation and so on.

YorubaName.com was initially presented by Kọ́láwọlé Olúgbémiró Ọlátúbọ̀sún as a university thesis in 2015. That same year, it found a new iteration as a crowd-sourced platform run by volunteer language enthusiasts from around the world.

In February 2016, YorubaName.com was launched. It is supported by funds from hundreds of individual donors who contributed to an Indiegogo fundraising campaign that ran from January to March 2015.

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