Homesharing marketplace, VacationHosting launches in private beta

Airbnb is working wonders in over 191 countries where it currently operates. This includes South Africa and I think Kenya, where the significant growth it experienced led the company to appoint Nicola D’Elia as its General Manager for MEA last year just to grow its business in Africa.

But will this work in Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, taking into consideration the level of insecurity and whatnot in the country?

Vacationhosting Nigeria thinks Airbnb’s model will work perfectly in Nigeria and that’s why it has launched in private beta.

Just like Airbnb, the platform allows users to list, discover and book local accommodations for vacation, casual or business trips within Nigeria.

The platform will allow hosts with available spaces in their homes, apartments or villas in various towns and cities across Nigeria to list rooms. Travellers looking for unique experiences will be able to book accommodations online either via their PCs or mobile devices.

Properties such as houses, apartments, vacation rentals, condominiums, villas, cabins, tree houses, houseboats, beach huts, campers/RVs and chalets can be listed for booking on the platform.

“We are thrilled to launch our home-sharing platform,” said Gani Adebayo, CEO and co-founder of VacationHosting Nigeria.

He added, “ will connect travellers to distinct travel experiences and unique properties in towns and cities across Nigeria. It will also enable travellers seeking affordable alternatives to find such accommodations whenever they travel outside their domains.”

One of the reasons why Airbnb and other similar platforms have gained unbelievable traction worldwide is their offering. The rates are low, check-in and checkout times are flexible and the experiences seem to be authentic because one feels like one is at one’s home. These, and more, are what VacationHosting will also be offering.

While I like the fact that someone is really belling the cat by launching an Airbnb-esque platform here in Nigeria, I don’t see myself letting a complete stranger into my home, at least not now.

However, I’ll be checking out what the platform looks like and how it intends going about its business (maybe this can make me change my mind) by signing up. You too can do so HERE, and make sure to share what you think by using the comment box below.

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