Team collaboration tool, Slack adds calls to all platforms

Team collaboration tool, Slack has added the calls feature to all its platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Linux and Windows Phone platforms.

Slack, which recently crossed 3 million daily active users introduced the new feature to all its users to help them make work simpler for teams.

Here’s how it works

If you use Slack’s Windows or Mac desktop apps, or Slack running in Google Chrome, you’ll see a new phone icon in the upper right of the channel header. 

On Slack’s iOS and Android apps, users can make calls by tapping “Start a call” in the mobile app’s channel or DM drop-down menu. 

Anyone can make one-on-one calls, while paid teams can also make group calls in any channel or group DM. When someone initiates a call, a message will appear, inviting you to join the call. 

Calls even have an emoji response feature. Clicking one of the pre-selected emoji will display it over your avatar for a moment along with a subtle sound, allowing you to express approval, disapproval, or raise your hand to ask a question — all without interrupting the speaker.

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