You’ll Have To Complete A Challenge To Access CcHUB’s 6th Floor For Free

Nigeria’s finest incubator and accelerator, Co-Creation Hub announced some few days ago that its 6th floor co-working space will become free to access beginning June 13.

The reason behind this move was to further support creatives across the country to build more solutions to tackle problems in our society.

I welcomed the idea. A lot of people welcomed the idea, and we all patiently waited for details of how to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The details are out now, and mehn…no be small thing o!

To access what is now known as The 6th Floor by CcHUB, you need to complete some challenges. When you complete these challenges, you earn points which will then be traded for access to The 6th Floor by CcHUB.

At the moment, there are 11 challenges ranging from coding to ideation to design. Each challenge carries 5 points. If you complete one challenge, you (and your team as the case may be) will gain access to the space for one month. Gain 15 points and you have access for a quarter.

Just to get you a little excited, I’ll describe one of the challenges.

CH11: Encourage students to form active living communities.

Truppr is looking to encourage students to form active living communities on campuses across Nigeria?


Come up with a plan/campaign that is engaging enough to stimulate students in Nigerian universities to active living communities across Nigeria.

Reward: 5 points.

Team Size: 2.

Deadline: 1 Week.

You’ve completed it already? That wasn’t hard. Just submit, get the 5 points and gain access for a month!

So, if you’re developer, coder, programmer, tech-enthusiast, entrepreneur, et al and you’re interested in working for free at The 6th Floor by CcHUB, click HERE to complete as many challenges as possible.

If you eventually access the space, these are the benefits awaiting you: Community, Creative Room, Flexible seating, meeting room, Shared Kitchen, and of course Fast Internet.

Now, I really don’t know why the guys at CcHUB didn’t just come up with a simpler way to access the 6th floor. Something like “Write an essay of not more than 500 words telling us why you want to work at the 6th Floor for free” would have been really really nice.

But I catch the drift. They really need creative people in there. People who will build the next industry-disrupting startup. Coming up with this challenge is genius, to say the least.

Hey people, go get those points!

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