GeoPoll Launches First Pan-African Out-of-Home Measurement Product

GeoPoll, the world’s largest mobile survey platform, has announced the launch of “Pan-African OOH”, the first data product to regularly measure consumption of Out of Home mediums across Africa.

The product, jointly launched with Kantar Media and Cuende, uses a consistent methodology to bring robust Out of Home measurement data to 15 countries.

Through a cutting-edge combination of satellite imagery and mobile survey data, Pan-African OOH measures traffic patterns and reach of billboards, urban furniture, and other OOH media.

It allows brands, agencies, and media owners to accurately gauge the reach and effectiveness of their OOH advertisements.

“Out of Home data in Africa has been an unknown quantity throughout Africa due to the difficulty and costs associated with data collection. As mobile phone penetration has expanded and satellite imagery has become more readily available, it has become possible to create a reliable, multi-modal OOH measurement solution for the first time,” said James Eberhard, GeoPoll CEO.

He added, “We are excited to bring together the global leaders in the space to bring a new currency in OOH measurement to the African Market. Media owners and advertisers can use this tool to assess advertising campaigns and create media plans based on actual data, bringing unprecedented clarity to the Out of Home sector.”

Features of the product include the following:

  • Reach and GRP data for billboards and other OOH advertisements in major metropolitan areas throughout Africa.
  • Information on trip habits of different demographic groups on weekends and weekdays.
  • Popular transport methods (foot, car, taxi, bus) broken down by demographics.
  • Data integrated into OOH planning software Telmar so agencies and brands can easily calculate the ROI of different OOH advertisements.

The first set of Pan-African OOH data will be available at the beginning of Q3 2016 for Kenya and will expand to Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, Mozambique, Cameroon, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Angola, Ivory Coast, DRC, Malawi, & Rwanda.

Interested customers can get more information and pre-order the product from GeoPoll’s website.

Pan-African OOH fills a critical gap in one of the largest segments of advertising research in Africa by supplying the first-ever comprehensive dataset on OOH advertising in the continent.

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