Kenya’s Safaricom Is Launching A Taxi Hailing Service To Compete With Uber

According to reports, Kenya’s Safaricom, the largest integrated telecommunication service provider in the country, is set to launch a taxi hailing service that’ll compete with Uber, a renowned taxi hailing service.

Known as Littlecabs, the taxi hailing service will be providing riders offers that’ll sure give Uber some headache. Offers will include in-car WiFi, payments using M-Pesa and of course really cheap fares.

“It is effectively a rival for Uber. It is a local competitor which will be cheaper and better for the local community,” said Bob Collymore, CEO of Safaricom.

Littlecabs, whose hailing app will be developed by Nairobi-based software developer Craft Silicon, will be launching in the next three weeks.

Aside competing directly with Uber, Littlecabs will be another source of revenue for the telco.

Uber, which now operates in 471 cities in the world – Accra is the latest in Africa – arrived Kenya in 2015 when it launched in Nairobi.

It has grown significantly in the country since then – it recently expanded to Mombasa, Kenya’s second largest city, too.

With Littlecabs coming onto the scene armed with similar offerings – safe, reliable, comfortable and cheap rides – as Uber with some juicy extras, should the California-headquarted company be threatened?

Well, we’ll have to sit down and see how everything pans out!

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