BitHub.Africa Launches Bitcoin-Based Affiliate Program

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BitHub.Africa, a Kenyan-based commercial Blockchain Accelerator, has announced the launch of a Bitcoin-based affiliate program for its e-commerce store.

The affiliate program seeks to provide income earnings for affiliates through network marketing by using Bitcoin as a platform for open innovation.

Affiliates will start earning via the program following the launch of the accelerator’s flagship product – an e-book titled “The Blockchain Opportunity” – on July 5, 2016.

The e-book, which targets a global audience and discusses how crypto-currencies and tokens could scale disruptive solutions across Africa, will be sold at a special pre-sale price of US$49.99, a 50% discount on the launch price of US$99.99.

Affiliates will earn 10% for every legitimate sale of the e-book. Each affiliate will have a referral link they can share via social media and banners they can place on their websites.

Commissions will be paid automatically via the Bitcoin blockchain.

At the moment, over 40 affiliates across Africa; mainly from South Africa, Nigeria, Botswana and Ghana, have subscribed for the program.

The affiliate program and platform is open to anyone in the world interested in promoting blockchain and crypto-currencies.

To become an affiliate, click HERE to register. Only your email and bitcoin address will be required. 

BitHub Africa is driving the adoption of blockchain technology and solutions across Africa. It focuses on developing innovative and relevant solutions using blockchain technology.

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