Chrome browser consumes more power than Edge browser, says Microsoft


Microsoft is claiming that its Edge Browser is a better option for power-saving when compared with Google’s Chrome and other browsers.

During a test to prove its claim, the company took four identical laptops running Windows 10 to see which of the four most popular browsers would be most efficient when it comes to battery life.

Chrome was the first to go off as it only lasted for 4 hours and 19 minutes while Mozilla Firefox lasted for 5 hours and 9 minutes and Opera lasted for 6 hours and 18 minutes.

Microsoft’s Edge browser was the best as it lasted for 7 hours and 22 minutes – lasting three hours (70%) longer than Google Chrome.

According to Jason Weber Director, Web Platform Team, Microsoft Edge:

We designed Microsoft Edge from the ground up to prioritize power efficiency and deliver more battery life, without any special battery saving mode or changes to the default settings. Our testing and data show that you can simply browse longer with Microsoft Edge than with Chrome, Firefox, or Opera on Windows 10 devices.

Yet, although power saving is an essential component, Microsoft’s Edge Browser still lacks some fundamental features such as extension support that other browsers possess.

Watch the test in the video below:

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