Slack adds Message Buttons for easy third-party integration

Team collaboration tool, Slack will now allow users to interact easily with third-party services easily without leaving the application with the use of a new feature called Message Buttons.

This is a developer tool that allows third-party services to integrate buttons into chats to enable Slack users to get tasks done directly in the window without closing the application window.

According to the announcement on Slack HQ –

Imagine getting an expense report in Slack and simply tapping Approve orDeny to change its status. Instead of having to search your inbox or open three new browser tabs, you’d be able to complete your task straight from Slack and move on to what’s next. Now you can do just that in Slack with Message Buttons. These buttons make Slack the place where you can click one button to get your work done, whether that’s posting a tweet, approving a new job posting, or filing your expense report.

Slack has 12 launch partners for the initiative, including Trello, travel site Kayak, recruiting service Greenhouse, and expense report app Abacus and since the App Directory, which launched back in December, now has a total of 500 apps, users can expect more integration to come.

“Slack has emerged as the hub of daily business activity for many of our customers. With this new integration, employees and administrators can manage their expenses in the place where they are already spending much of their work day,” Omar Qari, co-founder of Abacus said in a press release. “Abacus is proud to be the first and only expense management system to offer this functionality.”

Message Buttons will help all 3 million Slack users save time to complete tasks without leaving the slack application.

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