Twitter launches “Twitter Engage” app, allows longer video tweets and Vines

Twitter has announced the launch of a new app called Twitter Engage which gives creators, celebrities and public figures a better way to connect with fans and influencers.

Twitter Engage is perfect for people that make and share new video content daily.  The new app, Twitter Engage, includes “down-to-the-second” analytics allowing users to see how their tweets are performing. It also offers curated recommendations to help users spot high-profile engagement opportunities, and offers the ability for select users to upload and monetise their content within the app.

With the new app, you can:

  • Connect with influencers: See the most important mentions from influencers and fans so you know when to join in the conversation
  • Understand your audience: Reach even more people by getting into your followers’ demographics
  • Put your data to work: Keep your videos on point by tracking impressions and engagements over time.

Twitter Engage is currently only available for iOS in the Apple Store and in the United States. 

Alongside the launch of Engage, Twitter has increased the limit of uploaded videos to 140 seconds (similar to it’s 140 characters) from the initial 30 seconds. Select publishers will continue to be able to post videos up to 10 minutes long through Twitter’s professional publisher tools.

Video has becoming increasingly central to conversations happening on Twitter where video Tweets according to the announcement have increased by over 50% since the beginning of 2016.

This new feature is currently on Twitter for iOS, Twitter for Android, and while Twitter for Mac and Twitter for Windows updates are coming soon.

Short-form video sharing service Vine also developed by Twitter may also begin to have longer videos – a change from the regular six-seconds looping video clips.

Starting with a small group, creators will be able to add a video (up to 140 seconds) to their Vine, turning the six second Vine into a trailer for a bigger story.

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