Google announces the name of its next Android OS

Google has announced the name of the next version of the Android operating system on Snapchat and it is to be called: “Nougat”.

Last month at Google I/O 2016, the company said that it was accepting suggestions for the name of the ninth major version of the Android operating system which will succeed the Android Marshmallow operating system (6.0) that was officially released in October 2015.


During the announcement on Snapchat, Google showcased some of the other names that were considered, though it didn’t reveal if Nougat was one of the top choice in its  name suggestion contest with the company also showing off the various statutes representing all the dessert-named versions of Android, before the uncovering the new statue for Android Nougat in a short video story.


Nougat follows in the tradition of Google naming it’s Android operating system after confectioneries starting from Android Cupcake and currently on Marshmallow.

Now we’ll have to wait for Nougat to be released later this year.

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