Sendy makes first drone delivery in Nairobi

Sendy, an on-demand door-to-door package delivery service in Nairobi, has announced it has made its first drone delivery.

The startup needed to find an alternative way to tackle delivery problems it encounters on a daily basis, and drones were the obvious choice.

The startup’s 22 geeks were elated by the achievement, and for good reason: they’ve had sleepless nights in order to get the job done.

“Long story short – us 22 geeks are proud to announce we’ve just tested our first Drone Delivery in Nairobi – and damn it was cool!!,” Malaika Judd, Sendy’s COO stated in a blog post.

Details of the drone delivery were not made known. I’ll be reaching out to Malaika Judd, or anyone else in the startup, for more details.

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