Truecaller will no longer work on older OSes come September

Starting from September 2016, the Truecaller app will no longer work on older mobile operating systems. Operating systems in this category include Nokia Series 40, Symbian and, unsurprisingly, BlackBerry 7.

The company made this move because it was really just inevitable. The world has moved on to newer and better OSes like Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile, and it couldn’t support them anymore.

“With the evolution of how phones have changed throughout the years, so has the technology of Truecaller. These platforms simply cannot offer the kind of capabilities we need to explore and grow our app’s features for the future,” Truecaller stated on its blog.

The company however acknowledged that these now obsolete OSes were instrumental to its growth and they’ll never be forgotten.

In fact, back in 2009, phones running these OSes made the Truecaller app popular, enabling the app to reach millions of people and help their calling experience.

But between 2009 and 2016, a lot has happened. These OSes have been pushed down (if not even off) the ladder, and the inevitable has to happen.

If you are currently using a mobile device running these OSes, you are advised to make a switch. Get an Android, iOS or Windows 10 Mobile device to keep enjoying Truecaller!

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