1776 & Dell launch online platform to support entrepreneurs across the world


1776, a global business incubator and seed fund, and Dell, a renown PC manufacturer, have announced the launch of an online platform to support entrepreneurs across the world.

Known as Union, the platform seeks to help the next billion entrepreneurs succeed by connecting, supporting and removing barriers to innovation irregardless of location.

Union will provide entrepreneurs anywhere in the world the ability to reach the people, resources and education they need to take their ideas from seed to scale.

Specifically, Union will enable entrepreneurs to find content & courses in business-building; tap elite mentors in their industries for advice; consult experts in skills like marketing, sales, engineering & human resources; and connect with potential investors, customers and business partners.

“Smart entrepreneurs with highly promising ideas exist everywhere on the planet, and it’s time to stop letting location limit young companies’ ability to grow,” said Donna Harris, co-founder & co-CEO of 1776.

She added, “With technology connecting a network of local startup hubs, together we can empower entrepreneurs everywhere to share classes, content, mentors and other critical resources needed to succeed.”

Tech hubs across the world can also use Union to share the tools and programming playbooks needed to operate a world-class startup center.

Union, which can be accessed through the Startup Federation – a worldwide network with already more than 30 startup campuses and mega-hubs – or virtually in remote areas, was designed by 1776’s team of engineers.

Incubators, accelerators, hubs and experts around the world were also instrumental in launching the platform – they provided the team with useful insights.

Union was launched in partnership with Microsoft and Capital Factory, a seed stage mentoring program for startups in Austin, TX.

“Microsoft is committed to equipping innovative startups with the tools, mentorship and customer access that they need to grow. Through our partnership with 1776 and Union, we’ll be able to reach and support more startups, even faster,” said Larry Orecklin, VP Developer Experience and Chief Evangelist at Microsoft.

He added, “We are excited to partner with Union to help entrepreneurs take their ideas to the next level.”

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