500 Startups launches startup studio to build companies from scratch

500 Startups, a leading global venture capital seed fund and accelerator, has announced the launch of a startup studio from where it’ll be creating awesome companies from scratch.

Known as 500 LABS, the startup studio will bring together founders and teams from all over the world to make startups go harder, faster, better, stronger.

The studio will build companies based on its own ideas, and others through partnerships with engineers, designers and marketers.

Projects will be picked and experimented with one (or few) at a time. Once a project starts growing significantly, the project will be allowed to operate solely with the team who built it.

500 LABS will continue to support it as hands-on co-founders, and eventually go one step further to invest in it, alongside other investors in its network.

At the moment, the studio will focus on building mobile products for consumers and businesses. In the future, attention will be shifted to other areas like marketplaces and SaaS.

If you’re looking to be a part of 500 LABS, you can apply by clicking here.

500 LABS, which is led by experienced entrepreneurs Selcuk Atli and Dominic Coryell, will be headquartered in Silicon Valley but it will partner with teams all around the world to build products.

Image Credit: Recreas.

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