SA cloud solution startup, Digital Cabinet raises funds to expand internationally

Digital Cabinet, a South Africa based cloud solutions and digital post technology startup, has raised an undisclosed amount of funds to grow and expand.

The funds was secured from HAVAIC Limited Partners, a boutique African focused investment and advisory firm.

The startup will use the funds to continue on its current growth path in South Africa as well as further expand internationally.

As years roll by, technology has permeated every aspect of human endeavour. With technology, humans now have new ways of doing things – pushing those old ways into obscurity.

In the business world (and in offices particularly), some proponents believe paper should be used a lot less (if not totally eliminated), and that’s where Digital Cabinet comes in.

Digital Cabinet lets you file your documents the same way you would in person.

“It mimics the unique way your organisation does business, so you can maintain the same structures and processes you’ve always had; the only difference now is that it’ll all be online,” Digital Cabinet stated on its website.

Using Digital Cabinet saves you money and time. It allows you access your documents anywhere and anytime, and it’s safe and environment-friendly too!

Companies using the platform includes Octagon, Hollard, Securitas, Bidvest and a host of others.

Chief Financial Officer at BMW Auto Bavaria Midrand, Rian Moolman said, “The system is easy to understand and very user friendly. We have had very good back-up support from the Digital Cabinet team whenever we needed any assistance regarding the system or any upgrades. Based on our experience with the product it comes highly recommended.”

Based in South Africa, the startup already has an international footprint with operations in Botswana, Australia and Israel.

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