SA online shopping platform, Shopstar secures investment to build marketplace software

Shopstar, a South Africa based online shopping platform, has announced it has secured investments from two investors to help it build a marketplace software.

Although loads of small and medium sized businesses are running an online shop on Shopstar, the startup realised that smaller brands are still finding it difficult to sell online, requiring extra marketing clout.

The need to help these smaller brands led to the investments from KAMERS, the biggest retail pop-up market in South Africa, and Nona Creative, a top SA digital product development and consultation studio.

The marketplace will bring together individual shops under their specific and powerful brand, thereby giving smaller shops an extra distribution and marketing channel.

For every product endorsed and sold through a shop, the marketplace earns a commission.

“KAMERS have a wealth of experience in retail and in nurturing emerging brands to become successful and develop their potential. Nona Creative is one of the top digital product development studio in the country,” said Jens Herf, CEO and founder of Shopstar.

He added, “By combining forces and signing them on, Shopstar is now able to expand, set up the business for a viable future and to develop the marketplace concept to its full potential locally and abroad.”

Once the marketplace launches, all three companies expects it to grow rapidly and help businesses make more income without much ado.

Launched in September 2013, Cape Town based Shopstar helps thousands of SMEs transact more in the online space.

Its stores have done many millions of rands worth in transactions. Last year, its combined turnover exceeded R30 million.

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