CENI selects Gemalto to deploy modern voting solution in pursuit of fair elections

The Independent Electoral Commission of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), CENI, has announced the selection of Gemalto, a world leader in digital security, for the deployment of a modern voting solution in its pursuit of a free and fair elections in the country.

To achieve this aim, Gemalto will deploy Coesys, a mobile biometric voter enrollment kit. It is a suitcase-style sophisticated, portable and ruggedized device that can be deployed virtually anywhere across the country.

Gemalto will deploy 22,000 Coesys to support a comprehensive update of the country’s national voter register.

Stationed at 18,000 enrollment centers, Coesys will be used to acquire digital photographs, fingerprint and signature records of citizens. Personalized voter cards will be issued instantly for use during the upcoming general elections.

“We needed a reliable partner to facilitate our ambitious program, which we expect will enroll up to 45 million voters,” said Corneille Nangaa, President of CENI.

He added, “With a wealth of experience in enrollment and voter registry applications in Africa and beyond, Gemalto offered an excellent technical fit, and the ability to react quickly to our requirements.”

Gemalto will go a step further to ‘train the trainers’ for CENI and provide comprehensive maintenance and support for the voter registration project, which represents one of the largest ever.

All in all, Coesys will ensure efficient and quality acquisition of voter’s personal details and biometric data that will be used to add new eligible voters.

It will help to clean and update existing records in the national voter register ahead of the elections, and help to identify and eliminate duplicates.

“Our secure mobile enrollment solution will enable CENI to establish a reliable and respected voter registry, based on undisputable biometric data,and provide all the flexibility required to set up voter registration bureau all across the country,” said Frederic Trojani, Executive Vice President for Government Programs at Gemalto.

He added, “Above all else, it provides the Democratic Republic of Congo with a trusted foundation towards free, fair and transparent elections.”  

The entire enrollment process and the consolidation of the voters’ registry is the sole responsibility of CENI.

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