Delivery management app, Tookan now has offline payment capability

Tookan, a delivery management app for field workforce, now has an offline payment capability, allowing delivery businesses to process payments without Internet connection.

The new feature lets service providers to proceed with their next task, creating a more seamless experience for both businesses and customers.

With offline payment capabilities, businesses with a mobile workforce will no longer depend on Internet connection to carry out their tasks.

In areas where the connection is lost or low, the service provider can choose the offline payment option and move on to the next delivery.

As soon as the service provider regains connection, the app reports back, updates automatically and the payment will be processed.

CEO of Tookan, Saral Maghan said, “Field workforce have previously been stranded due to connection issues, creating a delay in deliveries for both service providers and customers. Developing countries and certain areas may face issues with internet connection making it difficult to process online payments upon delivery,”

She added, “The offline payment capability removes this barrier making it possible to conduct payments anytime and anywhere.”   

Launched in 2015 by ClickLabs, Tookan solves last mile deliveries by streamlining the delivery operations, making it easier to manage and track field workforces that enable on­ demand deliveries, at­-home services and on field customer acquisition.

It replaces messy spreadsheets, lengthy message threads and disruptive calls, giving businesses one single platform to manage their entire delivery process – route planning, allocation, scheduling and tracking deliveries.

Tookan has been used to make more than 500,000 deliveries in 83 countries, including Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.