Ugandans react to President’s roadside phone call with the #M7Challenge

How did it all start? Uganda’s President, Yoweri Museveni (nicknamed M7) was on his way back from attending the World Population Day commemoration in the Isingiro district.

At the Kyeirumba village in the aforementioned district, the President (for whatever reason) made a stop to make a call. The call lasted about 30 minutes, according to reports.

It was said the President ordered his security detail not to disrupt traffic while he was making the call.

After rounding off his call, the President addressed surprised residents who started gathering when he was on the call (he even acknowledged them at the time).

Now, images of all that happened (who even take these shots?) have found their way to the Ugandan arena of Twitter, and users (Ugandans on Twitter, #UoT, if you like) are reacting with memes, jokes and what not using #M7Challenge. It’s a must see!

So someone cannot do the right thing again?? All of you haff join bad gang!

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