Paystack introduces ‘Transaction Timeline’ to better understand abandoned transactions

Paystack, a Nigerian online payment platform, has announced the introduction of ‘Transaction Timeline’ in a bid to better understand abandoned transactions and come up with an apt solution.

Abandoned transaction is just a situation where customers load up the payment page but don’t end up paying – for whatever reason.

This phenomenon has been worrying merchants using the platform and Paystack had to find a solution. What did they do? They simply observed customer behaviour before closing the payment page and document it.

This documentation helps to answer questions such as the type of device transaction was done on, the time the customer spent performing the transaction, whether or not the customer put in card information, at what stage the customer dropped off, and the errors the customer faced while paying.

For an example transaction that was abandoned because the customer did not have their token around to do OTP authorization, the timeline will look like this:


By intoducing Transaction Timeline, Paystack will learn from the data and remove the roadblocks standing against accepting money online.

As for merchants, it’ll help them understand their customers on a more personal level as they too can view the data via their dashboard.

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