EWB partners MEST to train its next cohort of aspiring technology entrepreneurs

Engineers Without Borders (EWB), an early-stage investor in Africa-based social enterprises, has signed a partnership with MEST, a Ghana-based business incubator and accelerator, to train its aspiring tech entrepreneurs.

The training will be done by Tech Fellows recruited by EWB [1], who will provide the entrepreneurs hands-on training in areas of computer engineering, business, communications and personal development.

The entrepreneurs to benefit from the partnership will be those recruited by MEST in its next batch – they’ll come from Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

This partnership is in line with MEST’s aim to improve its program and expand its offering. By the close of this year, it will launch incubators in Nigeria and Kenya.

Its next batch of entrepreneurs will have the option to operate from any of its incubators depending on which region will be most beneficial to their business mode.

Accra-based MEST has a vision, which is to create jobs and wealth on the African continent by training software entrepreneurs to build global tech companies. Its partnership with EWB will help in this regard.

[1] EWB is currently recruiting Tech Fellows as part of the partnership. Click HERE to learn more.

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