MomConnect gets new Messenger bot to allow mothers access maternal health information easily (and for cheap too!)

MomConnect, a service that provides mothers maternal health information and whatnot via SMS, is set to get a new Messenger bot to allow mothers access these information, and more, even easily and for cheap too!

The Messenger bot will be seamlessly integrated into MomConnect and provide cheaper, personalized and interactive maternal information to the mothers as well as nurses and child health workers.

At the moment, MomConnect improves the supply of maternal health information in South Africa for over 850,000 subscribers. These subscribers will now have access to maternal health information through the Messenger bot.

Through the Messenger bot, HIV + mothers and those with high-risk pregnancies now have an alternative platform for receiving stage-based messages.

The bot will give them access to a resource of information around HIV, pregnancy, delivery and a baby’s first year, as well as a future helpdesk to offer mothers a platform where they can have their questions answered by live operators and escalated to health professional.

“We focus on providing innovative and scalable solutions for those in need of access to information in low income countries by keeping ahead of changing technology as well as the changing needs of the end user. We launched MomConnect in 2014, before the rise of Messenger,” said Gustav Praekelt, Praekelt Foundation Founder and CEO.

He added, “To be relevant with the latest technologies, we have created a bot to integrate into the platform, as they allow mothers and health care professionals a cheaper way to access vital maternal health and HIV information personalized to them directly on their mobile devices.  We’re proud to lead their integration into health systems.”

Praekelt Foundation announced the launch of the Messenger bot for MomConnect at the 21st International AIDS Conference currently happening in Durban, South Africa.

During the conference, participants will have the chance to experience the value of the bot firsthand by signing up for messages and having them delivered in an accelerated schedule via the messenger set up for MomConnect.

Praekelt Foundation plans to roll out the technology to its existing suites in other African countries which have replicated the MomConnect model, including Hello Mama in Nigeria and Family Connect in Uganda.

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