Over one billion people across the world now use Messenger

Facebook Inc. has announced that Messenger, its Instant Messaging app, is now being used by over one billion people across the world.

Messenger works like texting (SMS) and other mobile messaging apps to let people reach people instantly on their phones.

At the moment, Messenger does so many different things for different people. On Messenger, people can now send payments, play games, request an Uber, read articles from publishers, chat with bots, make video calls, and so on.

These extra services, and more, are the reasons why the app has grown and become “one of only a handful of apps worldwide that touch so many lives.”

Some proponents would argue with this assertion. Why? Initially, people communicated with friends and family by chatting right inside Facebook.

However, Facebook made Messenger a standalone app in 2014 and literally forced users to download it. This, they say is the reason why the app has climbed to the top of the pyramid.

Whether or not this is true, no one can fault the fact that Facebook Messenger is a truly amazing app.

So, instead of hating on Facebook and Messenger, why not just use a balloon emoji to celebrate this milestone.

If you don’t use Facebook Messenger, you can download it by clicking HERE. The app is available on virtually all platforms.

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