Second edition of PITCH DAY 237 to hold tomorrow at ActivSpaces Douala


The second edition of PITCH DAY 237, an annual program to support young Cameroonian entrepreneurs, will be holding tomorrow at ActivSpaces Douala in Cameroon.

The event is aimed at supporting Cameroonian startups, helping them to grow and transforming their ideas into real businesses.

At the event, shortlisted entrepreneurs will pitch their startups in front of investors and potential partners.

Winners will be selected and they’ll go on to join an incubator program called Activation Bootcamp, which is estimated to worth about FCFA 4.6 million, including a cash prize of FCFA 1 million.

The event will take place tomorrow, July 23, 2016, at ActivSpaces Douala (Opposite the Douala Stock Exchange in Akwa).

Access to the event is by reservation only, as such a lot of people might not be able to attend. However, searching the hashtag #PitchDay237 on Twitter will keep in you the loop.

There might even be a blow-by-blow account (or video) of the event, who knows? So, you should seriously consider check out the hashtag!

The event is organized by the African Center for Technology, Innovation and Ventures Spaces (ActivSpaces) in partnership with the Cameroon Angel Network (CAN), the first network of angel investors in Cameroon.

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