Copikard Is A SIM-Like Memory Card That Can Store Up To 2,000 Phone Contacts

While a lot of disruption is going on in the tech industry, no one seem to be concerned about disrupting the SIM card.

Okay, micro SIMs were introduced, forcing everyone of us to start chopping away our normal SIM cards like we’re some saw-men. But even with micro SIMs, the main issue I have with SIM cards wasn’t addressed.

What’s the issue? It has to do with storage. The data capacities of SIM cards have not changed since my Dad bought his first SIM card (Glo) for 15k some years ago. Till today, SIM cards (whether micro, macro or otherwise) can only accept a maximum of 250 contacts.

As I speak, my SIM cards (MTN, Glo & Airtel) are all full to the brim and I’m saving my new contacts (just like you, I meet new people every now and then) to my phones, which I really do not like.

While I’m waiting for those responsible to expand the storage capacities of SIM cards, a tech company in the Northern part of Nigeria has come up with a solution to help.

The solution is The Copikard. It is an ordinary SIM card with extraordinary memory space. It can store as much as 2,000 phone contacts and 200 SMSes.

How does it work? You simply insert The Copikard into the SIM slot and it syncs all your contacts (and even SMSes) after asking for some details – username and password.

Now, the device is not meant to replace your SIM card but act as a backup. Once syncing is done, you just remove it and store it somewhere safe.

The Copikard comes in handy in cases where your phone is damaged, lost or stolen. Some of us will want to argue that network providers try to assist in retrieving lost contacts. But that’s really all they do – try!

The greatest advantage of The Copikard is that it is compatible with all type of phones and doesn’t require Internet connection.

I know right now some proponents will (or are already beginning to) argue that “software is eating the world” and that a cloud solution would have been better.

We should however not forget that it is not everyone that has access to Internet to sync their contacts to Gmail or wherever. Consider those in rural areas as an example!

The Copikard is the brainchild of Phone Lab Technologies, an indigenous technology company with legitimate patent recognized locally and internationally.

This company completely owns the technology behind The Copikard, which by the way has been copyrighted in India and with WIPO.

At the moment, working prototypes of the device are currently housed at the nHub, where the company is incubated. The company seeks funding to mass produce the device in India and make it readily available to Nigerians for cheap.

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