SEACOM peers Swedish IXP to boost Internet connectivity in Africa

SEACOM, Africa’s foremost network service provider and ICT enabler, has announced it has peered with a Swedish Internet Exchange points (IXP) to boost Internet connectivity in Africa.

The IXP is known as Netnod, and SEACOM is the very first African carrier to peer with it.

By peering with the IXP, African Internet users on the international SEACOM backbone will enjoy better speed and performance when they access websites and services that are primarily reachable via Netnod and/or from the Scandinavian region and northern and central parts of Europe.

“The majority of Internet traffic into and out of Africa goes to Europe, which is why we’re investing in connectivity on the continent. We are the only African carrier with a direct physical presence in Stockholm, which means that we can help our service provider and network operator clients deliver a superior level of service to clients connecting to Internet services in Scandinavia,” said Mark Tinka, Head of engineering at SEACOM.

The peering with Netnod will also ensure that Northern and Eastern European communities in Africa are provided a better user experience.

This announcement is coming just about a month after SEACOM announced it had peered with Internet Exchange points (IXP) in Europe and Africa.

Specifically, it peered with Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange (DE-CIX) in Marseille, France Internet Exchange (FranceIX) in Paris, UIXP (Kampala), KIXP (Nairobi) and NAPAfrica (Durban).

These peerings puts SEACOM in a good position to provide a superb experience for Africa’s growing population of broadband users.

“We are delighted to have SEACOM as our first African customer at Netnod. Africa is a fast-growing region, and we look forward to SEACOM bringing this growth to Netnod and our members,” said Lars Michael Jogback CEO of Netnod.

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