This app seeks to democratize luxurious air travel

This post was updated on August 7, 2016.

Except you’re among the big boys in the society, you know it can be difficult to fly luxuriously. No, I’m not talking about first class air travel – that’s becoming commonplace.

What isn’t commonplace is travelling via private airplanes (or jets if you like) and whatnot. But not to worry, an app that democratises that is on the way.

Through the app, travellers will be able access private air travel and helicopter shuttle services. The app seamlessly connects travellers to private aviation providers at attractive fares worldwide.

Travellers get to enjoy some amazing services. There are empty leg deals, airport concierge services (this includes Airport pickup and drop off), single seat/group share, and full charter service.

The cool part is it doesn’t matter where travellers want to fly to and at what time. Jetseta has got them covered!

The app that packs all this unbelievable offer is Jetseta. It will be launched on July 31, 2016 in Abuja and will be available as a free download on Play Store and the App Store.

Update: It was the Jetseta Operator App, which is meant for airline/jet operators, that was launched on the aforementioned date. The one for customers will be launched on a later date!


The launch is open to the public. Click HERE if you want to attend.

Jetseta Nigeria, a travel agency based in Abuja, is behind the Jetseta app. Its main hubs are Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt.

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