Sage launches messaging bot to simplify accounting for businesses

Sage, a market leader in cloud accounting software, has announced the launch of a messaging bot to simplify accounting for (small) businesses and entrepreneurs.

Known as Pegg, the bot hides the complexities of accounting by allowing users manage their finances through conversation, making the process as simple as writing a text.

Pegg acts as a smart assistant that allows users to track expenses and manage finances through messaging apps.

With Pegg, users can enter and track important financial information, file expenses, track account balances and record receipts and income.

CEO of Sage, Stephen Kelly said, “Sage stands for social, connected businesses. It’s a very exciting time for entrepreneurs, and disruptive technologies like Pegg – another first in the industry from Sage – prove our unwavering dedication to supporting Small & Medium Business owners, who are the true heroes of our economy.”

Pegg’s numerous abilities are as a result of the natural language processing power it packs, which enable users to say things in more than just one way.

Pegg makes accounting invisible – the business user simply exchanges chat messages with the bot while the bot does the accounting behind the scene.

We also hear that Pegg has a personality too – it’s efficient, with a slight sense of humor.

Pegg is available on Facebook Messenger and Slack. It will be available on other messaging platforms over the next few weeks. To use the bot, click HERE.

The bot was developed for Sage by Gupshup, a Silicon Valley based leading bot platform that recently signed a deal with Cisco Systems to bring chat bot functionality to the enterprise world.

“The future of the workplace is conversational, and chatbots are now being integrated into key workflows and business processes to improve productivity,” said Beerud Sheth, CEO of Gupshup.

He added, “We are delighted to partner with Sage, an innovative technology leader that is pioneering a new approach to accounting software enabling small businesses to be more efficient and successful.”

Pegg was announced at the Sage Summit 2016, the world’s largest gathering of entrepreneurs and business builders, which took place in Chicago from July 26 – 28, 2016.