Vehicle marketplace, AfriCarGroup launches operations in 12 African countries

AfricarGroup, a vehicle marketplace, has launched its operations in 12 African countries with the aim of becoming the first car classifieds websites network on the continent.

The marketplace connect buyers, private sellers and dealers of new, used and second hand cars, motorbikes and trucks in a fast and easy manner.

The countries where operations has commenced are Burkina Faso, Benin, Ethiopia, Malawi, Mali, Namibia, Rwanda, Somalia, Swaziland, Chad, Uganda and Zambia.

Each country has its own car classified platform, which has been created to give users the best experience possible – some of the platform are in the country’s national language.

All the platforms are based on the same framework and will evolve simultaneously, taking into account the local needs and issues.

They connect local sellers with local buyers, either individuals and businesses, and increase the volume and sales as well as decreasing commissions and selling times.

Users can access the platforms from any smartphone through their respective websites but in the coming months, mobile apps for both Android and iOS will be launched.

Since launching in the aforementioned countries, the platforms have gained significant traction. Even on Facebook, the number of likes keeps growing!

Within 2 years, AfriCarGroup plans to become the first car classifieds network on the continent, allowing users to trade their cars, motorbikes or trucks with users in the same country as well as in neighbouring countries.

The company recently secured an undisclosed amount of funds from Australian and European business angels, which will help boost its mission on the continent.

With the number of smartphone and Internet users on the continent growing at an unbelievable rate, AfricarGroup is looking to have a piece (if not all) of the African cake – just like everyone else (both investors and businesses) are doing.

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