LinkedIn introduces short videos from Influencers in users’ Feeds


Professional networking site, LinkedIn has announced it is bringing users feeds to life by introducing short videos from influencers into their feeds.

The 30-second videos from the influencers will include their thoughts on various issues ranging from diversity and workplace culture, to education and innovation.

How does it work? If an Influencer users follow posts a video, that video will appear directly in their feed. From there, they can watch the video and see what other Influencers are saying about the topic, join in the conversation with a comment, and respond to comments from other members.

Right now, the ability to create videos has been put in the hands of Influencers alone. If there are Influencers whose contents you want to engage with, you can simply just follow them, either from their profile, the feed, or their video.

Already, LinkedIn has invited 500 Influencers on the platform to share their thoughts on various topics. The influencers include Naomi Simson, Guy Kawasaki, KIPP co-founder, Mike Feinberg, and edX CEO, Anant Agarwal.

This feature is the first LinkedIn has introduced since it entered into a definitive agreement in June 2016 to be purchased by Microsoft for US$26.2 billion.

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